Interviews: preparation


1, know the research center and the reserach group

1) their aims, publications, staff;

2) Other centers and universities

/show that you have invested time and effort in. show that you pick up the project carefully./

2, understand yourself

1) what are the three biggest achievements of your career?

2) what are you most proud of outside of your work?

3) what are your goals in your career? what would you like to get out of your next job move?

4) why should an employer want you to work for them?

/ show you are the right person they need./

3, First impression

The rules for men are simple:

  • Wear a dark suit. Navy blue and grey are the most acceptable colours.
  • Wear a long-sleeved shirt, either in white or a pale colour such as light blue.
  • Choose an uncomplicated 100% silk tie. No one wears polyester anymore!
  • Wear black shoes. Italians can get away with brown – but it just does not seem to work for the British!
  • Allow yourself only three items of jewellery – a watch, a wedding ring and perhaps cuff links with a double-cuff shirt. Nothing more.

For women, the principles are not dissimilar:

  • Also aim to wear a suit as opposed to separates.
  • Wear a jacket and skirt as opposed to jacket and trousers. Unfortunately, some male interviewers can still be a bit sexist about skirts versus trousers.
  • Choose a plain blouse. Don’t try to look sexy – as your definition of sexy may be an interviewer’s definition of tarty.
  • Wear shoes that your grandmother would be happy with. High heels might be the height of fashion – but again some (typically older, male) interviewers may have negative views about them.
  • Avoid unusual jewellery such as more than one earring per ear or thumb rings. Again you may get a negative reaction from older, male interviewers.


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